Security Center

Immediate Help Whenever You Need It

With two, fully equipped, linked security monitoring centers, Mobile Security Worldwide has prepared for any contingency to be sure that you are always protected. With the latest technology, we can ensure that power failures, storms or other issues that might temporarily shut down one of the centers will not impair our vigilance. In the event of an incident at one center, signal traffic is automatically routed to the other center.

Underwriters Laboratories (UL), an independent product safety certification organization, certifies our industry-leading Mobile Security Worldwide Monitoring Centers. This is a benchmark thumbs up within the security industry, and in short means that the centers exceed all of UL’s stringent requirements for alarm monitoring facilities.

Redundancy is Necessary

All of our customer accounts are mirrored in real time over redundant computer servers to avoid problems that might be created by server malfunctions. In fact, the centers have developed 100 percent complete redundancy that includes the facilities, data, receivers and all telecommunications and Internet systems.

Covering Our Bases

The Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA) accredited our centers with the 5 Diamond and IQ Certifications, a recognized “seal of approval” for customers.

Our center’s security professionals are extremely competent and highly trained, thanks to the four-tiered training certification program created by our centers to ensure that security professionals provide the fastest, most accurate and most competent response to any alarm. In fact, just recently one of our center’s security professionals was recognized for his quick action that helped save the life of an elderly Oklahoma man who pressed a medical alarm after suffering total respiratory failure.

Take It To The Bank

All of this means one simple thing – if you need help, we will be there. And we will be there promptly to get aid to you, whether it is an Immediate Dispatch Alarm, Listen-In Alarm, Emergency Medical Alarm, or Non-Emergency Help Alarm that you trigger. You can count on it.