IMPORTANT – Who is the best Cellular Carrier to use with imSafe and why?

Both AT&T and T-Mobile offer simultaneous voice and data capabilities on their cellular networks allowing for simultaneous talk and surf. Verizon and Sprint offer simultaneous voice and data on a limited number of Android phones, but not the Apple iPhone.

This simultaneous voice and data capability is extremely important for imSafe as it is required for imSafe to provide its abduction tracking capability. If abduction tracking is important to you, and you have an Apple iPhone it is recommended that you use AT&T or T-Mobile as your carrier. If you use an Android phone, it is recommended to contact your carrier to determine if your phone supports simultaneous voice and data.

Can imSafe monitor my location if I don’t want it too?

No. imSafe only sends your location if you send an alarm. Once you close imSafe, it stops monitoring your location unless you have sent an alarm. If you have sent an alarm, our Security Agents continue to monitor your location in case you are abducted. To cancel location monitoring after an alarm is sent, you need to enter your four digit PIN, return to the imSafe Home screen, and then close imSafe.

How many different alarms does this app have and what are they?

There are four. 2-Way voice assist, Silent Alarm, Medical Emergency, Roadside Assistance. There is also a Test Call.

What is Test Alarm?

Test Alarm allows you to check the device to be sure it is receiving a GPS signal so it is able to send a signal in case you need to activate an alarm.

How does a central station know where I am when I send an alarm?

Each alarm you send is accompanied by your phone’s GPS coordinates. The central station will convert those coordinates to their corresponding street address.

When I send an alarm, does it go to a 911 operator?

No. The alarm goes to one of Mobile Security Worldwide’s security-central stations that will identify your location and then alarm the nearest first responders by calling their emergency dispatch phone numbers.

What versions of iPhone does imSafe support?

imSafe operates on iPhone 3GS, 4, and 5 running iOS 4.0 and higher.

How easy is it to send a false alarm?

The imSafe App has built-in prevention for false alarms. You must tap the App’s button three times within 1.5 seconds to trigger an alarm.