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It was a simple idea really, but the end result is like having a virtual, security escort walking by your side.

That virtual companion is the imSafe App for iPhones and Android Phones, the only personal mobile security system supported by monitoring from security professionals everyday, 24 hours a day.

Frederick Hanover, a security industry expert and chairman of Mobile Security Worldwide, hatched the idea in the fall of 2009 after he heard a radio commercial for a home security system with a “listen-in” capability.

A light bulb clicked on for Hanover, an ardent user of Smart Phone Apps.

“I thought, ‘Why can’t you do that on a Smart Phone?’” Hanover said. Research turned up no-such application, so Hanover sketched out a design and huddled with software programmers.

The result is the imSafe App, an easy-to-use, personal security system that allows any user to covertly alarm our security monitoring centers should problems unexpectedly arise. It’s not unlike a silent bank alarm.

One particularly unique feature of the App allows the central stations to immediately translate an alarm’s GPS coordinates into their corresponding street address for immediate dispatch of police or medics. Police won’t come without a street address, which is a problem with other security Apps, and even 911 calls.

“That is critical,” Hanover said. “This is a proactive tool to get police to your location, and get them there before you are hurt, without having to directly communicate with anyone.”

There’s more. Like the home security system on the commercial, this App allows our central stations to listen in “real time” to any situation to determine danger and need for help. The device has a medical-alarm function, a roadside assistance  button in case of accidents and breakdowns, and a test function to ensure the phone is receiving a GPS signal.

imSafe also has an abduction feature that allows the central stations to track anyone moved against their will. The device will transmit new coordinates based on a sophisticated algorithm if a person is around 30 meters beyond the original signal so that authorities will know at all times where a person is located.

Once an imSafe user triggers an alarm with three quick taps on the phone in 1.5 seconds. The phone vibrates to notify the user the alarm went through, allowing alarms to be sent from within a user’s hand bag or pocket.

Furthermore, all conversations are recorded and the tapes are kept indefinitely and can be used in court as admissible evidence.

“With this App open on your phone, there is a comforting level of peace of mind,” Hanover said. “It’s like having your own personal bodyguard”

The device also has a built-in false alarm and a cancellation feature. After an alarm is sent, the user must type in a PIN number to get back to the application and then provide the central stations with the password.

“It is very much like a home security system, only mobile,” Hanover said. “There is a need for a greater level of personal security. The imSafe App will absolutely save lives.”

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